Why Marketing is needed for a successful business?

It’s a beautiful saying “Jo Dikhta Hai vo Bikta Hai” in English “That which is seen is sold”. Marketing is one of the best management tools to showcase your business, products or Services, or anything in this world and yes even yourself if you want to promote yourself.

People now have started realizing the advantage of the marketing for a successful business. It’s all about marketing from launching a product to contesting for the elections. Now even the politicians understand it to the core. Take any good political party whether it is BJP(Bhartiya Janta Party), AAP(Aam Aadmi Party) or Congress or if you see US President Donald Trump contesting for elections they have personally hired marketing agencies to market their brand. Now a day’s negative marketing is also very much inn, Surprised! Yes in negative marketing identify something that people or customer hates or which is most controversial. Even you can write which can create controversies, but in that case sometimes negative marketing can give a reverse effect and that can be a blunder. Hiring an experiences marketing consultant can save you doing such blunders. You must know US President Donald Trump during his 2016 election campaigning also did negative marketing by labeling his competitor as crooked Hillary and Lyin’ Ted and tried to solicit the candidates and position him well among the voters. He also surrounded the problem as the nation’s big economical and social problems and then he placed himself as a change.

 From doing the brand analysis, creating its Identity, planning and implementation, management and evaluation is done by marketing agencies or even by free lance marketing consultants. Marketing consultants understands the product and major classification of the product and services and place them after segmenting it. This carries lots of rigorous survey and understanding the acceptance of the brand in the market. From social media promotion to offline promotion according to the budget and sensitizing the place, the product or services gets it best to be placed. Sometimes products in its life cycle reaches to stagnation point, now here again agencies suggest work on the product life cycle and try to bring up the change where ever required either in the marketing strategy or in the product or services.

Many companies hire a sales person, keeping a thought that selling is also marketing. This is the time they need to change themselves as sales person focuses on their sales but marketing gives a support to the sales person to sell the product in the market and reach out to masses. Hire marketing person or a marketing consultant or an agency to give your product and services an edge and reach to its best.

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